About Me

“It was time to lead with purpose, to infuse every decision with intent”

In the hustle and bustle of building multi-million pound businesses, I found myself at a precipice when the companies were sold. The view from the top was breath-taking, but the climb had left me gasping for air.

That’s when I decided to pivot towards a different kind of triumph. I support CEOs through the struggles of growing businesses through all the learnings of my own journey (see below my expertise on how I can help you). But it was also time to lead with purpose, to infuse every decision with intent and back the next wave of change-making entrepreneurs building a better future. I do this by backing outstanding entrepreneurs I work with through selective angel investment opportunities.

I also use this little corner of the internet to send out my weekly Disrupt Entrepreneur newsletters. From health to beauty, fashion to food, travel to business, I’m on a mission to shatter conventional thinking. It’s time to unmask the detrimental impacts of current practices and present you with ground-breaking alternatives.

Disrupt Entrepreneur is a space for innovative, contrarian thinking that is committed to creating a more sustainable and impactful future that’ll make your soul do a happy dance.

Lets build a life that’s not just great for us, but for every critter, plant, and rock on this spinning blue ball we call home.

I have deep level experience in the following areas

Investment Readiness
ROI Focused Marketing
Business Strategy
Brand Development and Positioning
GTM & Product Market Fit
Building a repeatable, scalable and profitable business model
Organisation Design
Developing a strong management team
Company Culture
Emotional and Psychological support